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I spent a LOT of time, and i mean a LOT of time using Flash. From Flash 5 to Flash CS4. But the problem was, i just goofed around and never got serious. After visiting newgrounds, i was convinced that it was time i have to buckle down and do some serious work. So, i created my first flash, PSN is Down.Watch Here

It was satisfactory. Made in three days. But it was a quite accomplishment for me. (yay!). I had trouble with animation and voice acting, but the my drawing was the worse. I am inspired from Egoraptor's art style but never could adapt it. A few days earlier, i just saw Eddworlds, and believe me, IT WAS AWESOME. So, i thought, screw brush tool, i should use the freakin' Penisl...i mean PENCIL tool lying on the side for an eternity. So, i just made a really simple rough sketch of me by the pencil tool. Brush gives a very very rough look and is hard to animate and edit but pencil tool is easy to animate and edit. See for yourself. (Pardon the quality, but Flash didn't export the second picture right...)

Brush Tool vs. Pencil Tool

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Added to skins for Skincraft Jun 8, 2011.

Tom Fulp

Added to skins for Skincraft Jun 8, 2011.

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Egoraptor v2

Added to skins for Skincraft Jun 8, 2011.


Added to skins for Skincraft Jun 8, 2011.

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